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Why switching to Photography was the best life choice I’ve made.

BLOG, General Blogging / No Comment / August 12, 2016

Hello everyone, today I want to take some time in blog form over vlog form to talk to you about my recent change in direction taking less time on streaming and more time spent on photography and other aspects of life. First off for those who didn’t see the YouTube video of me explaining this, allow me to explain what is going on (or you can click here to watch the video). So after about a month and a half of debate with myself, I elected to take less time focusing on my stream (not full on quitting, just using more of that time and effort in other things) and focus more on my photography and mental state of mind, as well as put more focus into my diet and fitness goals.
Now this does not mean I am done streaming, and as I find the time to add more streams a week I will, but for now I will be doing 1-3 streams a week rather than the usual weekend 3 day schedule. It is only week 2 of this change and already amazing things have happened. I have been taking some amazing photos that have been getting noticed by amazing people and great companies and I even landed my first gig, taking photos for Akquire and might even be hired on by them in the future. I am also king hard for some form of something with GammaLabs / Gfuel, as well as awaiting about 4 or 5 other emails from companies (as well as taking some on the side for other companies whose products I just happen to own). This is just the tip of the iceberg for me though. I know over time I will be able to go to cons and events to take photos and be able to have my work posted on other peoples websites across many fields and practices. Over the last month I have taught myself so much and learned how to take better photos and edit them just right for the photo I have taken. Being able to take the time more for myself and really open more doors to see what it is I love doing has been the greatest decision I’ve made as of late, and I know these open doors will lead to amazing things.
Within this new photography hobby, soon job, I have picked up, I am not only the one behind the camera, but also most of the time modeling, setting up, composing, and editing, so I am dipping my toes into so many different areas that can all lead to something amazing.
This is where you come in! The support I have received over this transition has been beyond anything I could have ever expected. The feedback I get on my photos, the people who have commented on them, the amount of reposts and retweets I have gotten, have all made this worth while and told me I am making the right move. So to you, I cannot thank you enough. I know I won’t hear much feedback from this, but if you can, tweet me a few words about what you like about my photos and what you want to see more of, I would love to hear what you have to say! As I mentioned before I am waiting for a few emails back and there are many things that a month from the time I typed this post will be different, but for now, know you are why I work more than 80 hours a week and put every last ounce of effort into what I do, seeing what you all have to say and taking a shot and being so excited to post it is the most gratifying feeling there is to behold. My brain doing what it does best puts a smile on your face in a new and different way, what is there not to love?


With much love,



P.S. If you want to download my photos as phone backgrounds CLICK HERE!

If you want them as desktop backgrounds CLICK HERE!

I only ask you tweet me (@DidsLive) a screenshot or photo of them being used!

ALSO I am looking for more companies to take photos for, if you or someone you know needs work done email me at and we can discuss what needs to be done!

To those who don’t own companies, tag me in some tweets with companies I should take photos for! It would be so greatly appreciated!

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