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Why I Have Fallen Off The Streaming Scene

Uncategorized / 1 Comment / August 27, 2016

Why I have fallen off the Streaming and Gaming Scene:
If you have followed me for awhile you know I used to be 100% into gaming and streaming. I put my very best effort into creating the most entertaining streams and providing the best gameplay I could, as a pleb, produce. Before we go further into this thought I want to bring this to the front of the topic, I did love, and still love, streaming and playing games. With that out of the way I really don’t have a direction for this blog, so I will just let it all out in whatever order my brain tells my fingers to place it. Over the last month a lot has happened to me, all positive. I have taken a LARGE step back from streaming and gaming, giving up (not entirely, but significantly) two things I spent the most time doing in my life, two things I loved the most, but with great sacrifice comes great gain. Never in my life have I made such a change as I have in the last months time. I have taken a liking to photography and with it have created a community of inspiration and creativity. I have gained a sponsorship with GammaLabs and became a member of the Quest [Nutrition] Squad. I also have gained a new work ethic and completely changed the way I handle Social Media. In addition to this, I have gained a few key positions in companies and larger, more official roles in one of the charities I have raised for (details are still being buffed out, so I will not disclose that until it becomes more official).
I have also been peeping on people using my shots as inspiration for shots (talking about photography here) of their own, and people have been buying things from companies I endorse (both officially and unofficially) to use for their photos. I have always wanted to have a positive impact on peoples lives and wanted to bring out the best in people and I have always thought I would be able to do that by streaming and entertaining, but it turns out I do a better job of it by taking photos and being a key influencer on Social Media with my posts and pictures. I am very greatly struggling right now to try and find a way to word this, because I am not sure if there is a title for what I do, but I am nearing the moment where I will be able to do phentermine this, however you want to call it, for a living. I influence people. I can officially say that. I see it in your posts every day. There are things I do because I love doing them, that have a positive impact on your creative mind and encourages you to strive to have what I have by working your best to get them. People tweet at me on a regular basis, people send me their photos and work to have me give an opinion, I dont know what I did to deserve this, but I have been going to bed every night nearly in tears (judge me) because of how blessed I am to have met and talk to all of you. I have been able to meet some really important, powerful people in the fields I want to be in, and they have all been nothing short of amazing and helpful to me.
I have come to a point now where I am content with what I have. I have levied out the companies I want to be affiliated with and want to focus as hard as I can on the ones I have, and want you to all know that the sponsors and affiliates I push are ones whose product I use in my daily life, and in no way post about them or am affiliated with them just for a quick buck or boost to my follower counts. I just got off a plane about 2 hours ago and since have thrown on a new IntotheAM shirt that came in while I was away, drank a glass of Grape Gfuel on the rocks, had a Quest Bar, and am using my GlomTom while I type this post.
I have never been busier, I have never had more on my plate, but I have never been this happy with the direction of my life. And this has been a sentimental thing for me to type because this is all directed for you all. I want to hear your thoughts on things I do, I want to see the photos you take, I want you to randomly tweet me asking me how my day is, it doesn’t bother me in the least! I am truely blessed to have met you, if you follow me and you’ve just been lurking, please tweet at me or something, I would love to get to know you! If you have been tweeting at me for months, keep it up champions!
If you want to support what it is I do moving forward there are many options. Simply liking or retweeting my posts is a simple, free, and meaningful way of showing your support. If you want to contribute more, using code DIDS gets you 10% off at all three of the GammaLabs websites, IntoTheAM, and GlomTom, and there will be many things coming for Quest that you can enter to win stuff for. In addition, if you know of someone or a company who can use some professional photography shoot a recommendation over. I work with any product of any field/genre.
If you want to contribute to the charity I am part of, shoot me a DM on Twitter or Instagram or email me at and I can get you setup for that.
I don’t know where my life will go from here. But I do know I have the best group of people supporting me in whatever it is that happens for me. Life happens for you not to you, never forget that. There is a reason things happen, and maybe there are plans for me I still don’t even know about! Whatever happens at the end of the day, just know this: I will work harder and grow stronger at everything I do with every passing day with all of you in mind, without you I would simply not be where I am in life and I cannot thank you enough for making a shy kids dreams come true, I love you all.

P.S. One thing I need to get off my chest, and tears will be shed on the keyboard as I type this. My Grandma passed away oh nearly a decade ago or so. Her favorite things in the world were monarch butterflies. After her passing we have noticed monarchs at the most amazing of times, for example, one year, on my fathers birthday (it is my grandma from my dads side we are referring to that passed) at an unrelated party for something on my moms side of the family, at another family members house, we all were sitting outside and a monarch came and rested for a solid 3 minutes on my dads shoulder, no doubt it was her. (Here come the tears). Also on the day she passed, every year since she passed, there has been a monarch on the front page of the local paper. So proof aside, over the last month I have noticed a monarch on every photo shoot I go outside to do, I have tried to take a picture of her, but she always shys away (not unusual for her). So now I know, with every photo I take, she is there with me finding the most beautiful natural shots for the most beautiful woman I have been blessed to have met in my lifetime. May you and Grandpa polka the night away up there.

With many tears and much love,

  • Andrew wright / August 28, 2016 / Reply

    Great blog post man. When I started YouTube over a year ago, I spent all my time and energy into putting together the best videos I could. I grabbed lights, a couple of Elgato internal cards, camcorders etc etc. I loved what I did but over time, I realized I was stuck in this rut of feeling like I could no longer game for fun, or for me. I passed up on amazing games because “they may not be right for the channel”, and never played unless the camera was rolling. Once I dialed back and ultimately stopped recording, I reacquired my love for gaming and have made it an escape for myself again. Light off, headphones on, no commentary, and no recording.

    It’s not a bad thing to step back, because things get so much clearer when you do. It also let me try technology and product reviews which I now LOVE. The creativity or the shots you can do is endless and can be very personalized into your own style. This time I record and publish when I can as I do not want to over do it and burn myself out again.

    You’ve actually inspired me to start taking edited product shots as well, which I am having a lot of fun it. Great post, stay positive, and keep doing you man!

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