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My Recap of the @1UpOnCancer Charity Event

Uncategorized / 1 Comment / March 22, 2016

Good day everyone! fake jerseys I have finally been able to relax, catch up on my sleep, brew me up some coffee, and recap fake jerseys the weekend event. To start I want to begin by thanking each and everyone of you who showed fake jerseys up, no matter how long you were there, just know that I appreciate it and plan on doing more events like this and doing more things for you the #DidsFam in the very near future.

So for those who didn’t know what I did this weekend or are further curious as to what I was a part of the charity 1UpOnCancer hosted a 24 livestream event to raise money for adults who cannot afford cancer treatments, be it fake jerseys radiation, chemo, anything. They are driven to reduce the stress for families who do not have the available funding to pay for their loved ones to get the proper care they need and deserve. We were on the front page of Twitch for 12 of those hours, me being 2 of the 12 hours.
The people running the event are some of the most amazing people I have been blessed to meet fake jerseys and work with. They ran the event flawlessly in my opinion and even though we did not reach our goal of $2500, we crushed our original goal of $1500 raising a total of $2183. My four hour block was responsable for $637 of those dollars and I thank each and every one of you who donated to the event, be it on my block, or anyone elses. It means more than you know.

One thing about fake jerseys the event that I loved was the fact that none of us are partnered streamers. I have the most following of those who streamed and I do not even consider myself all that popular. The point I am trying to make (because the past two sentances could have been taken the wrong way) is that you can achieve amazing goals with the right people, no matter how large or small of a following they have. It was an honor to meet each and every one of the other streamers and I tried to fake jerseys stick around and contribute anyway I could when I wasn’t live. None of us streamers had ever experienced that kind of crowd and the channel fake jerseys as a whole recieved over 180,000 phentermine channel views during the event. For 6 streamers with under 1000 followers fake jerseys thats pretty awesome. We all were able to come together and help each other as best as we could and the chemistry we built as a group made the event something really special. My Twitter feed was BLOWING UP the entire time and obviously as you saw on the stream 1UpOnCancer got fake jerseys a TON of recognition and really made a name for themselves. To any of the other streamers reading fake jerseys this, it was an fake jerseys honor working together with you and I hope fake jerseys to support you all as best as I can and get to know you all better moving forward, you all did so amazing and I want to thank you for stepping up and doing this.

We all come from different walks of life and all have different backgrounds and it was amazing to see how each streamer brought their own unique personality into their four hours. I loved seeing all the support we were able to give and hope to do more events like this in the future. To anyone reading this, no matter if you were a part of running the event or just stopped by or even if fake jerseys you didn’t catch any fake jerseys of the event, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s people like you who make me do what I do, to me I want none of the spoils because it is about the ones who have family members who need the money most.

God Bless and please, if you have anyway I can contribute more to anyone that needs help, get in touch with me, it would be an honor to help in any way I could.

And to you Kilo and Sasiah, keep doing what you do. I have gotten numerous comments fake jerseys about how amazing people you are, and it has been an honor to fake jerseys be able to meet you both and work with you, I hope to be a large part of 1UpOnCancer moving forward and have loved every fake jerseys bit of telling people how amazing you two are. Never stop being you.


P.S. If fake jerseys you want to contribute to  check them out fake jerseys !


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  • PinkCow19 / March 22, 2016 / Reply

    Hell ya!!! Awesome job!! Love seeing a difference made in the world.

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