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How I lost my Fitness Level and what I am doing to get it back.

Uncategorized / 2 Comments / February 21, 2016

Back in High School I could do anything. I could run a marathon (I never did because I was a sprinter in track, but you get the metaphor), I could sprint up the staircase chasing my cat and not be winded, I could run a 5k in 20 minutes, I could do Tough Mudder. But then it all went away. I can’t run a few miles without needing to walk here or there, I can’t do a set of stairs without breathing heavy when I reach the top, I have lost it completely. All of it, and it isn’t a weight issue.

Now I can narrow my fitness loss to a few factors. I am no longer in High School so I no longer do sports and I was a 3 sport athlete, so that in of itself s a pretty big change. I am at a computer more and more with my coming work for my social media accounts and Twitch, and with my new(ish) job I travel a lot so I spend on average 6 hours a day in a car and eating out a lot can hinder my fit level. Now let me get something straight, this isn’t me complaining about things in my life, I love every last ounce of my daily life, but at the same time we all need to analyze change and see where we can all make improvements to reach the goals we want to reach. I am no longer running a few miles at a time for track practice 6 days a week, I am no longer only allotted an hour a day to play video games, and I do not have the amount of free time or local friends to go out and be active with. So changes need to be made, simple as that.

In order to get back to the health I was once at I am doing a variety of things. My parents went on to do the Advocare 24 Day Cleanse which provided me with an amazing opportunity to get some good food in me and eat both less and yet more at the same time. The food was amazing in terms of flavor (from the recipes the challenge gave us) and had less calories typically but was more filling, which led to me eating less filler food. One thing I have noticed is I am getting the belly ring, and although I would say I have more muscle mass and strength than I normally do, I need to reduce my red meats and go lean clean and green, which has provided me with many benefits like feeling more ‘fluid’ through the day as I will call it. I never feel bogged down at 3PM if I eat a good meal the night before and also taking the Athletic Greens supplement I get the nutrients I normally would miss out on which also helps a lot.

Working out has also been an area I struggle. I do not workout NEARLY as much as I used to. Being an ex-beachbody coach and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer whenever I feel the desire to take the test. One thing I am feeling greatly about as of late being someone who is gaining more and more steam on social media and trying to become the best version of myself I can be I decided to not take the goal of getting buff, not being the hunk you see in the Calvin Klein ads but rather just being healthy. I have been doing really well with my diet which has always been my weak point and have been slacking lately with working out, which has always been my strong (haha) point. I know that when I can balance the two of them together I will be able to really push out a quality, healthy life and will be able to handle anything in my coming year. I hear a lot of people go to cons and get sick, with the DidsBody (new hashtag?) I will be able to be fit, not necessarily buff, not necessarily sexy or the stereotypical hunk, but I will be healthy and fit, which to me, is the greatest victory when it comes to overall health and fitness I could ever achieve. Also Yoga, do that s**t.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you noticed your bodies changes over time? What plans do you have for your health and fitness? Comment below and share your opinions and let’s open this page for discussion on social media!


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  • Abby / February 22, 2016 / Reply

    Amen dids!! I went from also being a 3-sport high school athlete to getting pregnant and gaining almost 100lbs! I wasn’t in a good mental state or good relationship to get rid of what I gained! A recent loss for me really made it click in my head to get my ass back in gear! I’ve missed it, and the sweat and this sore muscles are what I love! Can’t wait to have a healthier lifestyle and really make everything better!! Yoga also kicked my ass today too lol woo go us!

  • Eric Burgan / February 22, 2016 / Reply

    Great Post Dids. Listen I don’t know exactly why but from the time I found you on IG and now Twitter I have thought this is a good guy, and I would like to get to know you better. Someone full of ambition, a guy that wants to lift others, and he’s a geek like myself. Anyway, look I read your post, and I think your key element is accountability, its having someone to text and say man I am struggling and I really don’t want to push play. And if you are willing to commit, as you have laid out in the article, I am willing to walk the path with you. My wife and I just completed a program and are looking at a couple of options to kick off shortly. Lets chat and see if we can do the same routine together, and hit our goals.

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