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Eric ' Dids ' Didier

Photographer/Media Specialist.

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How I am getting back into YouTube!

General Blogging, Twitch.TV Tips / No Comment / June 15, 2016

Many of you know I used to make YouTube videos on the regular. I had the dream of becoming one of the casters for Machinima when it was Sark, Seananners, and Hutch. Those dreams were swiftly crushed by lack of skill, knowledge, and willpower. I then made another surge in around 2013-2014 and made videos 3-4 days a week. This was greatly successful and became many of the most viewed videos on my channel, some of which are the first videos on both Google and YouTube searches. But just like my Twitch rebrand, I am throwing it all away.

The new channel you will see from me will have a new direction to it. It will contain videos of many types, those being:

-Minitages and Clips of amazing moments in games like Overwatch, Destiny, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Super Metroid speedruns, really anything I play I will be recording from now on to capture those moments.

-Any graphical work I do (speedarts, photo editing, Adobe work)

-Vlogs or topic I want to talk about (plan to do more of these)

-Logging my diet and exercise (accountability for the win right?)

-Tips and Tricks videos & tutorials

-Stream Highlights

-Saving the best for last, the main feature of the channel will be a video series similar to that of the works of the following: BrutalMoose, PeanutButterGamer, ProJared, SpaceHamster, and hints of JonTron. Now I will not be copying the works of any of them, because they each have their own take on the genre of video, but if you recognize any of the names above, you know what I am getting at and if you don’t recognize them, go check them out! I plan to release one of these videos each month (maybe more as time progresses) and really taking the time to make it great. I will script it, get good games and game footage, good topics, and really make it to the same caliber of their work.

To wrap up my thoughts and keep this post short, I am really looking forward to adding YouTube to my streaming mix. I am very confident the videos will be to the expectations I put on them and that you will enjoy them very much. If you would like to help in anyway, I am looking for game ideas, show ideas, any help with the series style videos, as well as a logo designer, intro designer, and anyone who can put the videos when complete (still referring to the series videos) in front of your friends to critique. If you cannot do any of those I would love any and all help getting the first 100 subscribers to the channel so we can get the DidsLive URL. There will not be an official banner and channel art until the logo process is done (I might save up and outsource it to 99designs, unless someone steps forward) and I will work on a quick introductory video kind of explaining what I touched on here to have something there as a placeholder to be up soon. I plan on having the logo process done by July and the first series video up by the end of July. From there it will be periodic work. You can subscribe to the channel by clicking here and subscribing. It would mean the world.

I am really excited to be bringing this to you all and bringing it to you all so soon. Like I mentioned before, the videos will be on par with those you see at the very top of the market in every way, but will still maintain my personality you all know and love. I would love to hear any and all feedback you have on Twitter or Instagram @DidsLive. Please. Anything good or bad, your words will help me get it done sooner, better, and with more enjoyment. This will be a big step in the future of my life and it is an honor and a blessing to be able to share it all with you, thank you for your time.


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