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About Me
Eric ' Dids ' Didier

Photographer/Media Specialist.

How to book me.
  • True determination See all the photos I took for Anytimehellip
  • True grit See the full album on my website linkhellip
  • Had the time of my life shooting photos for Toughhellip
  • Recent work for Elgato involving the Stream Deck and thehellip
  • Streaming has never looked so good
  • Power  Color
  • Hard work always pays off
  • They said it wasnt for everybody I said Im nothellip

Current Projects

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Produce/Direct Short Skits

I am working with a few friends to create a few short lifestyle clips to the theme of music, almost a music video, but more awesome and personal.

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I am working on launching my clothing brand Immerse. It will be a styled brand similar to a trendier H&M with more of a street feel to it. I also plan on making it a large creative community where people will be able to create the most amazing art under the Immerse model and be rewarded for sales they would help create. Any and all help is always needed. Hit me up if you are interested.