Charity Stream & Forum Launch!

Hello all and welcome to the part of your day where I make you read whats on my mind and you leave here with a smile. IN FACT! Let’s make a bet, if by the end of this blog you have a smile on your face, you tweet out this blog post. IN FACT PART DEUX! CLICK ME TO TWEET THIS BLOG POST BECAUSE DIDS IS SO AWESOME HE ALREADY DID THE WORK FOR YOU!

Anyway, to the reason why you are probably here.

So this weekend was one of the most fun weekends in recent memory. The charity Operation Supply Drop (clicking their name will take you to my team page of which you can choose to donate to their cause of supporting veterans with video games and air drops of peoples recycled games to deployed troops, or even join my team and help raise money through the #DidsLive team) hosted an event where they selected people to come onto their Twitch channel and stream for them! I was honored to have been selected for a two hour time slot and was able to bring some attention and money to help support them in their initiative. Aside from streaming on their channel, I had set a weekend goal to raise $100 for their charity. Friday night alone from 8-9:30PM the #DidsFam was able to raise $111 for Operation Supply Drop.The generosity of the #DidsFam astounds me each and every stream. It just amazes me that such a simple-ton like me can do something like this and help organizations and companies just by playing video games. It warms my heart to see you all attend my streams and hear what you have to say every weekend and be able to just talk with you all. To those who donated to my Charity Streams in the past, I cannot thank you enough. Some people think I get paid to do this, some people think I do this full time as my job. The funny thing is, I do not do this as my full time job and I make no money doing this unless you guys donate directly to me. I don’t even make money from this website, it is all ad-free space I pay for out of my own pocket so you guys have a positive place to come to and see all the content relating to me and the #DidsFam. All the $1500+ I have raised for charities in the last year have been directly on the charities sites and goes directly to them. I see nothing but the smiles I create on your faces and that alone is payment enough to me. It is an absolute dream to be able to support these communities and organizations and I cannot do any bit of it without you amazing people. Anybody can do what I do. Literally, even you can. But I am reminded and humbled every time I stream how amazing my community is. We don’t bring people down, we don’t hover on any negativity, we bring each other up and help someone new each and every weekend put a smile where they once thought was uncharted land. The even more interesting part is even though I am the broadcaster, the drive behind all of this positivity, there are days where I want nothing more than to come stream and be greeted by all of you. As well as I hide it I have bad days too. You guys influence me more than you probably think and you influence me in the best way possible and for all of these things I want to give you my most genuine thank you. You guys give me drive and purpose and let me love my life that much more. The #DidsFam is the best group of people on this planet, know that.


Now to some personal work I have been up to. I have had some plans for awhile now to create a forum. A space where the #DidsFam can connect and meet each other and discuss anything that is everything. There is something there for everyone and it allows you all to grow and share your own content within my forum space (as long as it doesn’t get spammy or isn’t derived to solely gain just a visual number, because we are more about the experience of the relationships behind those numbers than how high the number can be). It was sitting dormant for some time and anyone really could have gone and see a blank forum, and due to my lack of experience it isn’t anything spectacular but what it is is something that works and can be used by all and I highly encourage you all to go check it out, sign up, and post something about yourself in the introductions page (with it being well written, is the space you can totally and more than welcomely share your links).


In conclusion, it is an honor and a blessing to be in the shoes I am, not because of me, not because of who I am or what I do, but because of YOU. Thank you #DidsFam. Thank you from everything I am.

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