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About Me
Eric ' Dids ' Didier

Photographer/Media Specialist.

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Eric ‘ Dids ‘ Didier

Freelance Photographer / Video & Media Specialist

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Eric but to most of the internet I am known as Dids. Photography kind of fell into my lap over the last few years and I cannot be more thankful for it. I had originally bought a DSLR to record YouTube vlogs on thinking I could be the next big thing on the website, but little did I know I knew nothing about cameras, vlogging, or how to let my personality show on camera back then. A lot has changed since. After not really using my camera for about a year I began to start experimenting with the photography aspect of the camera. I took photos of myself with a tripod and really whatever I had lying around the house. Turns out I am pretty good at it. Good enough to land sponsorships from both Quest and Logitech, as well as GFUEL, IntoTheAM, and others, mostly based on the photos I took of their products. This got me really interested into learning more about the art of taking photos and from there it became my passion. It has led me to taking photos for the biggest names in esports and even being sent out to shoot for the Major League of Gaming. I hope to be able to get to know all of you and encourage you to browse around the site! I am always available via social media or by email [ ] for any bookings or being able to send further portfolio work if you need to see more. Enjoy!